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Scuola Grande dei Carmini

Scuola Grande dei Carmini ‐ Venice

TConcerts will take place at the wonderful Scuola Grande dei Carmini, a museum dedicated to G.B.Tiepolo, and also the last of the eight Scuole Grandi being in Venice at the time of the republic falling.
Situated in Campo S. Margherita, just near to Cà Rezzonico on the Grand Canal and form Piazzale Roma, was founded on 1598 as a laical confraternity.
The aim of the Scuola was to help the brothers with economical and religious support, to help the poors and the sick, to prepare the dowry for the poor girl and so on.
The internal halls of the Scuola kept the whole original ancient furnishing, consisting in important frescoes, oil paintings, pargetings and wooden carved reredos.

Palazzo Del Pugliese

Via de' Serragli 8, Firenze

Palazzo Del Pugliese, then Magnani Feroni, is located in via de 'Serragli 8, overlooking the Piazza del Carmine and San Frediano.
The name is linked to the various changes of ownership from one family to another, which took place between 1428 and 1821.
From the time of the Del Pugliese, today there is a coat of arms on the façade, next to the Feroni coat of arms: wrapped in six pieces of red and gold.
In 1769 the palace was sold to the very rich marquis Giuseppe Francesco Feroni who, intending to further decorate the property, bought other neighboring houses and entrusted the architect Zanobi Del Rosso with the task of redesigning the façades and redistributing the internal satisfactions.