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Scuola Grande dei Carmini

Scuola Grande dei Carmini ‐ Venice

TConcerts will take place at the wonderful Scuola Grande dei Carmini, a museum dedicated to G.B.Tiepolo, and also the last of the eight Scuole Grandi being in Venice at the time of the republic falling.
Situated in Campo S. Margherita, just near to Cà Rezzonico on the Grand Canal and form Piazzale Roma, was founded on 1598 as a laical confraternity.
The aim of the Scuola was to help the brothers with economical and religious support, to help the poors and the sick, to prepare the dowry for the poor girl and so on.
The internal halls of the Scuola kept the whole original ancient furnishing, consisting in important frescoes, oil paintings, pargetings and wooden carved reredos.

Palazzo Arrighetti Gaddi

Via del Giglio, 11, Firenze

Palazzo Arrighetti-Gaddi is located in Via del Giglio in Florence. The name is not related to the transition from one family to another, but in a real union of two neighboring buildings, Palazzo Gaddi and Arrighetti Palace, which took place in the eighteenth century.
In this city the Gaddi area, the family of famous painters Taddeo and Agnolo but also of politicians and wealthy men merchants, had many possessions: in the nearby square of the Madonna of the Aldobrandini Gaddi palace is one of the oldest in the family and can be recognized by the typical projections, while the front building corner with via del Melarancio stands on the site of the famous garden called Paradise Gaddi, sung by John Milton, who was probably housed in what was the Palazzo Arrighetti.
Were the Gaddi to buy the sixteenth-century palace of the Arrighetti and to build a new building by the union with some of their buildings.
Inside is a hallway that leads to the grand staircase, where there is a sculpture of Hercules at rest along the boards. On the main floor there are some beautifully frescoed rooms, among which the one with the fresco on the ceiling attributed to Luca Giordano and supplemented by other paintings and stucco.